Why Us

Why Choose PoopyPlumbers?

Choose Plumbing Experts with Decades of Experience

Among the most important contractors that you’ll ever need to hire are plumbers. Ensuring that your business or home plumbing is working efficiently is crucial for your day to day activities. So why choose us?

PoopyPlumbers simplifies things for you. Though our experienced expertise and exceptional service, we have been delivering plumbing services with unmatched quality for decades. We are the most trusted plumbing experts across North America—just ask the thousands of highly satisfied and happy customers we have assisted over the years! 

We’ve been experts in plumbing repairs and installations for decades. Give us a call and enjoy quality plumbing services that will never disappoint! 

What can You Expect from PoopyPlumbers?

  • Exceptional customer service – Our Plumbing experts are dedicated to providing only top-notch customer service. It is, after all, the foundation of everything that PoopyPlumbers stands for. From the moment you give us a call to the time we leave your premises, expect friendliness, courtesy, cleanliness and quality consistency that no other plumbers out there can offer. 
  • Locally owned and operated – Our services are offered by locally owned and operated companies that make serving their communities with excellence a priority. We are a trusted company and we aim to maintain that reputation with every customer we serve through delivering top-notch plumbing services. 
  • Licensed and Insured – Among the many signs that we bring insight, experience, and skill to our trade are plumbing experts that are insured and licensed. We aim to offer a service that will give our customers peace of mind that they are assisted by people who are qualified to do the job. We have been installing and repairing plumbing systems and we have seamlessly used technology to deliver better services every time. It is one of the reasons what customers always look to us for all their plumbing needs.
  • Workmanship and Parts Guaranteed – You want a plumber you can count on to handle all your concerns. It is reassuring when you know that they will stand behind their work and the parts that they use for the services they provide. At PoopyPlumbers, our services and parts are guaranteed. We will also make sure that your problem is fixed the first time. We use the necessary technology to get your issue fixed correctly and quickly. With us, quality is always guaranteed. 
  • No Overtime Fees – PoopyPlumbers know that there is no telling when a plumbing emergency will strike. However, we recognize that these unexpected issues need fixing as soon as possible which is why we have made our emergency services available 24/7. On to[p of that, we do not charge overtime fees. Our rates stay the same no matter what time of the day it is or if you are hiring us over the weekend. We want you to enjoy the convenience of hiring us at your most convenient schedule without any added charge. 
  • Upfront Pricing – We want you to know what you are paying for ahead of time. Our flat pricing model which ensures upfront rates will ensure that the services we provide will always be extended to you at the most affordable prices. We will need you to agree on the price we set ahead of time too. So, there will be no surprise charges for you once we get the work done.  
  • Uniformed Professional Plumbers – At PoopyPlumbers, we believe in setting a high standard of service. Quality service is not enough for us. Exceptional quality is what we aim for! From our commitment to stand by the works and repairs we do to the interactions with our plumbers, expect skilled, courteous and friendly plumbing specialists to assist you all throughout. IF you have questions about us, the services we do, or the products we are using, our plumbers will be more than happy to explain things to you!
  • Convenient Schedules – We make setting an appointment with us easy and simple. Our appointment times are convenient and flexible and we always work around your schedule so the work we do will have minimal to no disruptions to your day to day operations. We want to make it easy for you to plan your day in accordance to our schedule and we want you to get assurance that when we commit to be there, we will be there on the dot. 


There is more to good plumbing than just pipes. At PoopyPlumbers, we believe that this should also include building trust and extending the courtesy and consideration that our customers deserve. Our expert plumbers are excellent at that! We have warm, friendly, and helpful professionals to tackle your plumbing concerns right every time. Whenever we service your property, expect us to: 

  • Be there on time
  • Work mess-free and use shoe covers and mats around your premises
  • Provide flat pricing so you won’t have to be worried about surprise fees and charges afterwards
  • Delivery top-quality, durable, and long-lasting repairs
  • Stand behind our services to give you peace of mind

Ultimately, PoopyPlumbers aims to build trust with you. We know you’ll need handy plumbers to extend the lifespan of your plumbing system. Pour goal is whenever you call us you will get complete assurance and confidence that you have made the right choice.