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Water Softener and Filter Service

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Water softeners are expected to perform in their optimal state. Otherwise, you’ll start feeling the effects of less than efficiently working one around your home. Hard water that is left unfiltered can be a headache. From leaving mineral deposits in the shower fixtures and bathtub, spots on your dishes, dull your clothes, or even frequent clogging in your pipes it can lead to costly future repairs or even replacement of your plumbing system if left unaddressed for too long.


For decades, PoopyPlumbers has been providing trustworthy and durable replacement and repair services for homeowners in North America. Part of the range of services that we offer includes providing homeowners solutions to their water softener issues. We offer licensed and guaranteed services and products installed by highly skilled plumbing professionals. If hard water has been a persistent problem in your home, let PoopyPlumbers resolve it for you.

Water Softener Replacement

Choosing a new water softener should be about finding out first fits your home needs. From determining how hard your water supply is, what capacity your unit must have, and what your specific hard water filtering needs are, choosing one at random is not just an option. Water softeners are rated via grain capacity, which effectively measures the amount of water it filters before regenerating it. Higher ratings mean less regeneration required, which is ideal if you want to keep a healthy septic system.


When you call us at PoopyPlumbers, we will perform advanced diagnostics to gather all the data we need so we can recommend the most ideal water softener for your home setting. We will also provide you with a full quote on how much the unit will cost as well as the installation service. Not only will you be able to get access to the right water softener, you will also have professionals that will take care of the installation on the same day!

What to expect from PoopyPlumbers:

  • Licensed professionals, complete with insurance and bonds
  • Flat, upfront rates with no hidden charges
  • Service available 24/7
  • Friendly professional plumbers at your service
  • No overtime fees even for work done over the weekend or at night