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Water Line Replacement and Installation

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Over time, water lines can become more susceptible to damage caused by ground movement, thawing and freezing, mineral buildup, water pressure, and even intrusion by tree roots. If your water line is damaged, among the effects include reduced water pressure or discolored water supply. While these will not often be considered as alarming signs, they can easily lead to something more serious and damaging if not addressed as soon as possible. When you schedule routine plumbing maintenance at Poopy Plumbers, our plumbing experts will inspect your pipes so they can properly advise you on whether it is time to replace your water line or if repairs would still work fine. We will never recommend a service that you do not really need! Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can trust us to keep your water supply flowing smoothly in your household for many years to come.

Trenchless Replacement for Water Line Pipes

When replacing or installing new water lines, we always abide by doing it as efficiently and quickly as we can. At PoopyPlumbers, we specialize in the use of trenchless techniques. This approach is effective and is suitable for handling most problems with the water line while leaving your landscape, yard, and driveway intact and mess-free.

Instances when trenchless replacement for water lines is the best option:

  • Broken or cracked water pipes due to ground or house movement
  • Pipes underneath the landscaping or house
  • Lines damaged from constant ground thawing and freezing
  • Installing a larger water line so household needs will be accommodated

Our less intrusive method in replacing water lines would be a great alternative to conventional methods in water line replacement. Your water line will be assessed by licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers so the replacement we will recommend is indeed going to meet your household needs.

Pipe Pull Installation

Another common technique that PoopyPlumbers use to replace old and damaged water lines is the pipe pull. This requires a tiny hole at both the pipe’s ends. The old water line will be used as a guide to ensure that the new pipe will be put in place properly. The replacement pipes we use for this service are code compliant. They are also leak-proof, can deflect root intrusions, as well as resist chemicals. In addition, its lifespan is a century-long.

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At Poopy Plumbers, we take pride in our commitment to customer service and quality workmanship. To ensure that we meet customer needs whenever they arise, we offer 24/7 emergency services. All our repairs, labors, and parts are guaranteed. We price our services the same no matter if we do it in the dead of night or during weekends. You’ll never have to cover overtime fees with us! When our team of licensed, insured, and bonded professionals arrive at your premises to fix your problem, know that they will get your plumbing system working in no time.