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Trenchless Water Line Repairs

Non-Invasive Sewer Line Repairs from PoopyPlumbers

Repairing water pipes or sewer lines buried underground is not only expensive, but it is also an inconvenience too. Most of the time, the process requires tearing your lawn up not to mention the costly services and the lengthy repair time involved. It is, however, a necessary task to do if you want to avoid having to deal with even bigger problems in the future caused by a corroded, cracked, burst, or broken pipe. There are even instances when the pipes will have to be replaced entirely. If you find yourself facing this dilemma, call PoopyPlumbers at once. We offer a superior solution to sewer line repairs and will restore your plumbing system in no time.


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Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs- What is It?

Trenchless sewer line repairs mean there will be no need to dig up your lawn to get your sewer system patched up. At PoopyPlumbers, we can restore your water lines and sewer pipes effectively and efficiently without having to tear up the rest of your property. We employ a range of advanced plumbing techniques to keep your yard intact while we diagnose and repair your sewer lines. Our team of plumbing experts are trained and experienced in effectively addressing your sewer problems fast.

Here are some of the benefits you get from our trenchless sewer line repairs:

  • Repairs will only take a day or less
  • Our less intrusive techniques are far superior than traditional methods
  • Advanced methodology in pinpointing the cause and location of the problem ensures that your property stays intact
  • Save time and money, thanks to a fast and efficient service
  • Enjoy repairs that meet the plumbing industry’s standards

When to Sign Up for Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

When is it best to schedule trenchless repairs to your sewer line? Employing trenchless repairs to your sewer line may be helpful at solving a host of difficult problems concerning water and sewer line repairs.

Trenchless sewer line repairs can help address the following:

  • Blocked pipes that burst due to household debris and roots
  • Underground piping especially those located underneath homes, apartment building s or landscaping
  • Cracked water pipes due to house or ground movement
  • Leaky lines or constant backups in the sewer lines due to improperly installed pipes
  • Larger water line installation
  • Damaged pipes due to thawing and freezing

We also provide several repair techniques including pipe relining and Pipe Pull technique. Pipe Pull technique involves interchanging damaged or broken water and sewer lines with new piping through the tiny hole in the piping run. The technique uses the broken lines as a guide for the new piping to be put in place. All of our new replacement pipes are code compliant, root resistant, chemical resistant, leak-proof, and have a lifespan of a hundred years.


Pipe relining is also another technique we employ which eliminates the need for the removal of broken pipes. The method involves the insertion of a lining material which coats the insides of any existing pipe. When the material hardens, a new pipe is essentially created right inside the broken one, making the procedure less invasive.

Quality Plumbing Repairs by Courteous Professional Plumbers

The plumbing maintenance, cleaning, as well as the complimentary checkups we provide at PoopyPlumbers is designed to help prevent disastrous sewer problems in the future. Why call someone who will damage your lawn needlessly? Call PoopyPlumbers today and experience a service done by courteous, friendly professional plumbing experts who know what they are doing and will never charge you any overtime fees.