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Sewer System Backups

Leave Your Plumbing Concerns to the Experts

When it comes to plumbing pipes, debris, tree roots, and other elements can have such a destructive effect. At PoopyPlumbers, we are your reliable experts at fixing sewer and septic systems that were damaged by common pipe threats. Our experienced plumbing technicians are well-versed in repairing and re-piping all plumbing system types, taking into account a variety of property layouts. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your PoopyPlumbers’ plumbing expert knows the process like the back of his hand. We are always ready to help any sewer system concern. You can reach out to us 24/7!  

Warning Signs of Backup in Your Sewer System

  • Multiple backups in the drains
  • Water backups from the shower, toilet or the sink drain
  • Sewage odor or terrible smell wafting from the drains or in areas outside, close to your home
  • Drain backups that involve the toilet
  • Weird gurgling sounds from your toilet or drains
  • Water pooling around the floor drain in the basement.

Tree Root Intrusion

  • Condensation on pipes due to leaks can attract tree roots. At PoopyPlumbers, we are only too familiar with how tree roots can slip through even the tiniest pipe section separations, cracks, and holes and essentially infiltrate sewage systems. When there is water, trees can speed up root growth in wet areas. The presence of more roots can cause even bigger holes which can exacerbate the blockage. Worse, if not addressed in time, this can cause the pipes to burst. If you notice gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, bathtub or toilet backups, toilet bowls with no water or tubs that takes ages to drain, these could be signs that there is root intrusion in your system.

Solutions for Tree Root Intrusions

  • Drain cleaning and rooter work- To clear the line, we will first get the tree clog punched through so the sewer will be back working again. We will also assess the extent of the problem so we can recommend the most appropriate solutions.
  • Hydrojetting- If you are aiming for a long-term solution, our technician can have your pipes cleaned up using water jets that are pressurized. These jets are effective at scouring the sewer lines to remove the buildup of debris, grease, and tree roots.
  • Pipe lining- If you are looking for a permanent solution against leaks in your water pipes, this is the answer. This method involves lining the sewer pipes with a protective sleeve so it gets sealed and water leakage is eliminated. You may also choose to add the sleeve to specific parts of the pipe line where trouble is likely to brew. This is a trenchless method so there is no need to demolish walls and structures around your home.
  • Pipe bursting- Another permanent solution offered at PoopyPlumbers, we can use hydraulics in breaking old pipes apart while also simultaneously installing a new pipe in a seamless process.
  • Maintenance- We can perform regular inspection and drain cleaning so household debris will be kept at bay. It is effective at removing roots in unlined pipes so they will be prevented from causing clogs.  

When Should You Reach Out to PoopyPlumbers?

If you believe that you have a drain problem, do not wait long and give PoopyPlumbers a call right now! Our plumbers will try to get your drain opened with a cable device or an auger. If this does not yield the necessary results, more advanced methods may be used. There are instances when drain pipes get crushed by tree roots. They can even snake their way through pipe joints and cracks. There are also instances when clogs occur due to the bots of discarded debris, food waste, soap residue, hair, thick toilet paper, or other sanitary products.


Have a sewage problem? Learn more about why PoopyPlumbers is the right choice!

Backups in Septic Systems

Backups in your septic tasks can potentially become a far-reaching problem than just a sink or toilet clog. The moment you spot signs of these issues, it is ideal that you take steps in handling them as quickly as you can. An experienced plumber is always ideal for the job so he can nip the problem right in the bud before a complete stoppage or a system-wide issue occurs. The last thing you’d want is a disruption in your daily activities or costly repairs due to more extensive property damage. With septic system backups, the costs involved for remediation can be high. Even the cleanup involved can be a headache. Remember, PoopyPlumbers are here to extend our help whenever you need it.

Warning signs of a backup in the septic system

  • Smelly, dark colored liquid in drains or toilets.
  • Slow darning and slow flushing toilet.
  • Slow drains inside the house.
  • Seepage of bad odor or odorless wastewater from the area where the septic system is located.
  • Green grass growing near the septic system even when the weather is generally hot.
  • Presence of bacteria in the well. The water from the septic system can seep into your potable water supply, contaminating it in the process.
  • Weed or algae growth in ponds near the house. The water in the pond may be caused by the discharge the septic system has been producing.
  • Persistent bad odor around the house caused by failing or improperly vented septic systems.

Call PoopyPlumbers for any septic tank backup concern. With experienced professional plumbers helping you resolve the problem as efficiently and as quickly as we can, you can avoid property contamination, environmental problems, and a host of other possible health risks including hepatitis and dysentery.

Tips on Preventing a Septic Tank Backup

Avoid septic system issues through routine maintenance including routine tank pumping and keeping trees away from your absorption field. Talk to PoopyPlumbers’ plumbing experts about our trusted Advantage Plan and how it can help you save thousands of dollars by quickly diagnosing and preventing plumbing problems long before they can become a major headache. 


Expect us to get to your premises fast to address a backup. We will not only diagnose what the root cause of the problem is as well as limit property damage in the process. You will be delighted by the friendly and courteous expert plumbing technicians we deploy to your premises and the efficient services they provide. Expect too to be recommended with solutions that make sense and you can trust that we will fix the problem right the first time.