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Preventative Maintenance Products and Services

Competitive Flat-Rate Prices Just for You

Protect your home’s plumbing system no matter the season with Poopy Plumbers’ Preventative Maintenance! We have been providing our clients that much-needed assurance about their plumbing system. Through preventative maintenance, we see to it that your residential plumbing system is equipped to tackle the extreme winter cold and stay in its optimal shape all year round.  


When people choose to go somewhere to avoid the winter cold, the water inside their plumbing can freeze. People who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with frozen pipes will tell you how much of a nightmare it is. Pipes that are frozen can burst due to the pressure from the expanding water inside it. Needless to say, this can be a cause for hefty-priced repairs. The worse thing about it is customers only find out when they get home and by then, the water damage may have already multiplied several-folds. Poopy Plumbers is your best choice for winterization and pipe-freezing protection so you know that your pipes will stay safe and fully functioning despite the winter cold.  



Why is Poopy Plumbers the Trusted Choice for Clients?

Poopy Plumbers has consistently provided a plumbing service that is second to none since its inception. With qualified plumbers that are insured bonded, and licensed, we have always been dedicated to providing excellent customer service at all times. Clients can expect genuine honesty, courtesy, and peace of mind with us on the helm. Transparency is a policy we have adapted for all our plumbing approaches and this has led us to become one of the industry’s most trusted providers.

What clients can expect from Poopy Plumbers:

  • On the dot arrivals
  • Flat-rate, competitive rates
  • Same prices any time of the day or any day of the week
  • Everything patched up on our first visit- no need for follow-ups
  • Parts and workmanship guaranteed
  • Experienced, friendly, and courteous plumbers

When your goal is to get your home weatherproofed from the harsh, cold winter, Poopy Plumbers will never disappoint! Trust us to get your plumbing system all set and safe to handle the harsh cold so you can enjoy the peace of mind while you are away.