Residential_Plumbing Replacement & Installations

Plumbing Replacement & Installation

If you’re looking to get your home plumbing fixtures upgraded, Poopy Plumbers is the best choice. Our team of highly trained and experienced plumbers is ready to cover your plumbing installation needs any time! We are well-versed in their best practices for plumbing replacements and have handled all major plumbing equipment brands. Whether you need help in installing a new water softener or a new toilet, we can do it.


At Poopy Plumbers, we specialize in plumbing upgrades and installation. With highly skilled plumbing professionals ready to take on a project even at a short notice, we will efficiently get your new equipment installed or have your old system replaced and have the replacement system configured right to work seamlessly with your existing sewer and plumbing system. We will even take the necessary steps to evaluate the current state of your plumbing system to better assess whether an upgrade is necessary or a new fixture installation is required. At Poopy Plumbers, we take pride in providing accurate and fast plumbing work that gets done right the very first time. Expect us to get there on time and to do what we can to get the job done with the least disruptions to your day-to-day routine.



Residential Plumbing Replacement and Installations

Kitchen Faucet Installations

If you have kitchen faucets that seem to constantly drip or do not work as it used to before, leaving it as is might lead to a spike in your water bill. The last thing you want is for a damaged faucet to bore a hole through your wallet. Installing a new kitchen faucet should help eliminate the leaks as well as prevent future plumbing problems. It will effectively help you save money too. At Poopy Plumbers, we can get your kitchen faucet installed or upgraded in no time!

Toilet Installations

Don’t put off updating older or out-of-date bathroom and toils fixtures! Installing new toilet features or upgrading your bathroom faucets can boost the value of your property considerably. It can also improve energy efficiency and home comfort while preventing potential damage from floods, leaks, and a horde of other plumbing headaches.

Water Heater Installations

If you wish to skip the long wait for a hot shower or avoid having to deal with water that’s just not hot enough to get the house chores done, t may be time for you to install a new water heater. Upgrading your water heater system will not only improve its overall efficiency, but it will also do wonders to the operating costs too. To top it all off, you’ll enjoy easier and faster access to hot water any time of the day!

Hot Water Dispenser Installations

A working hot water dispenser is quite handy for your morning coffee or you evening tea. If you wish to get access to hot water any time you need it, PoopyPlumbers would be happy to assist you with installing your hot water dispenser.

Boiler Installations

Is your boiler not as efficient as it used to? If you have a boiler that is just taking space because it’s no longer as properly functional as it used to, it may be time for you to consider installing a new one. Upgrading the boiler can do wonders in improving the overall comfort to your home and we at PoopyPlumbers can help you with that!

Water Softener Installations

Stains from hard water can be quite frustrating to deal with. Scale buildup can also cause headaches, especially since they may impede the water flow, damaging your faucets, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures when unattended over time. Get Poopy Plumbers to install your water softener today and enjoy the ease of knowing that the headaches caused by hard water will finally be put behind you.

Appliance Hookups

Have new appliances that need hooking up? Poopy Plumbers can help you get that new ice machine, dishwasher, or washing machine hooked up and working fast.

Venting System Installations

Combusting appliances in your home need to have proper venting. The installation of plumbing vents by PoopyPlumbers ensures the safety of your home for you and your family. We will ensure direct and safe venting to the outdoors for your exhaust fans, stoves, hot water heaters, heating units, and more.

Garbage Disposal Installations

Need a replacement for a faulty garbage disposal or installing one for the very first time? Our garbage disposal installation at PoopyPlumbers will involve expert professionals in all types of home plumbing upgrades and installations. So, you can trust that we will always do a great job and more.

Battery Backup Installations for sump Pumps

Sump pumps are necessary for keeping your basement dry and mold-free. Installing a battery backup system ensures that the sump pump will always remain functional despite malfunctions or power outages.

Backflow Prevention

Home backflow system installation is crucial in preventing sudden water pressure changes that can possibly cause contaminants to seep into your potable water supply. Poopy Plumbers’ professional plumbers will inspect, install, and fix your backflow system to not only meet state codes but to ensure too that it is efficiently working at all times.