Residential_Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspection

Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspections

Whether you need upgrades, installation, regular maintenance or repairs for your plumbing system at home, PoopyPlumbers is here to meet your expectations and more! When you give us a call, expect us to get there on time and get the job of checking up and identifying the problem quickly and efficiently. Our expert plumbers will get the necessary tune-ups or repairs fast and they are trained to clean up after themselves so there will be no mess for you to have to deal with when they’re done. Once the job is done, an extremely thorough complimentary checkup will be provided and key areas in your home plumbing system will be looked into including pipes and toilets and rain fixtures. Taking this extra mile ensures that we will not just meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

Keeping Your Plumbing System in Top Shape

Once your plumbing system has been duly expected, you will be furnished a copy of the plumbing inspections result by the PoopyPlumbers’ plumbing specialist. You will also be provided with recommendations on whether the plumbing system requires upgrades or fixes. The check-up we provide is free and is meant to ensure that the overall health and state of your plumbing system and your pipes are protected, thereby effectively preventing future costly and inconvenient breakdowns.


At PoopyPlumbers, we are well aware of the interdependent parts that make up a plumbing system. This is why, with every service call, we take the time to inspect the entire system instead of just heading out the door the moment we have done what we were called in to do. It is not enough that we have looked into and fixed a single component, we want to make sure that the rest are working optimally too. We understand that the last thing homeowners would want is to have to call our plumbers in again when we have just been there not too long ago. This is why checking everything out is a necessary step for us before stepping out.

What to Expect When You Call Us

  • Upfront pricing
  • Friendly and fast plumbing service available round-the-clock
  • Flexible appointments, taking your schedule into consideration
  • Guaranteed parts and labor
  • Problem fixed right the very first time
  • Thorough plumbing system checkup to make sure everything else is in working order