Emergency Restoration and Repair Specialists

Emergency Restoration and Repair Specialists

At PoopyPlumbers, we understand that plumbing emergencies happen. If and when they do, you can count on our team of plumbing experts to tackle your issue, no matter the scale. Whether it is a plumbing issue or damage to your property, we’re always ready to help you. Our services are available 24/7 so you can trust that we will always be ready to tackle all your emergency repair needs. We’ll be there to help you out even on holidays!

What Sets PoopyPlumbers Apart?

  • Insured and Licensed Experts
  • No Overtime Fees
  • Flat Rate and Upfront Pricing
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Flexible Scheduling and Appointments

Our plumbing experts serve both residential and commercial properties who are dealing with a variety of plumbing problems. Whether it is an enormous hotel or a two-bedroom residence, we have the tools, experience, and training needed to get the issue tackled and handled fast. We will even make sure that there is little to no interruption with your operations while we get the job done.

Expect a Thorough Diagnosis and Long-Term Solutions

When you get in touch with us, we will be focused on resolving your issues. Expect us to arrive promptly and to get the issue assessed and diagnosed as accurately and as fast as we can. We understand how crucial taking immediate action is. We will arrive fully-equipped and we will repair common plumbing disaster including severe clogs, flooding, ruptured pipes, and many more. If you are dealing with hail, water, or fire damage, know that you can count on us. At PoopyPlumbers, we will tackle all your restoration service needs. Whether it is mold abatement or carpet cleaning, we will handle it for you. 

After we have identified the damage source and determined its extent, we will give you a detailed report of the problem along with a list of all the recommended services we will need to perform. We are always upfront with our rates so there will be no surprise charges for you to cover later. We will never start any work until you have given us approval of the services we need to do. Our repairs are not only meant to address the current problem, but they also include preventative measures so the same problem is never going to hound you in the future. 

Why choose PoopyPlumbers Emergency Services?

When there is an emergency, we will get to your business or your home no matter the time of the day. We will be there on time, identify the problem, and work fast to get it sorted as soon as possible. We get the job done right on our first visit so you won’t have to worry about having to bear the costs of another plumbing service session with us. Our business philosophy has always been focused on our customers. PoopyPlumbers also stands behind all the services we provide and all the parts and components we use. 

Commercial Emergency Plumbing Repairs

PoopyPlumbers has handled all kinds of plumbing concerns for different types of business settings. Among the past commercial plumbing issues we have handled include locations such as caterers, office buildings, professional kitchens, and more. Customers turn to us because they know we have a clear grasp of what their business needs and they know we understand how important it is to get the job done fast. PoopyPlumbers has also built an impressive reputation over the years that we have been in the plumbing business.


We also offer plumbing maintenance services for non-emergencies at PoopyPlumbers. This is one surefire way of keeping your commercial plumbing system in its optimal shape. Regular maintenance and cleaning eliminate surprises that may interrupt your business flow in the future. You can better protect the business from disruptions and potential losses by addressing possible plumbing problems now before they worsen.


For routine repairs, system upgrades, or new installations, PoopyPlumbers can handle all your plumbing projects flawlessly, efficiently, and quickly. If you ever need the services of an expert plumber fast, call PoopyPlumbers any time.