Commercial_Plumbing System Maintenance

Plumbing System Cleaning & Maintenance

Decades of Experience in Handling Commercial Plumbing Needs

When your business requires commercial plumbing maintenance, PoopyPlumbers is the name to call. We are the local commercial plumbing experts with a full grasp of your business’ needs. We have designed our drainage and plumbing services around the needs of our clients so we are confident that we will meet them every time.

PoopyPlumbers Offers Reliable Plumbing Services and Solutions for Businesses

Our range of clients involved in the hospitality industry includes food processing companies, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Call PoopyPlumbers and experience the peace of mind of being assisted by experienced specialists who are ready to take your call and get the work done quickly and accurately.


We provide accessible and affordable plumbing system maintenance and cleaning solutions for all types of business offices, retail facilities and even multi-family properties.


We are experts at what we do and we do it effectively and efficiently too. We even do the clean up so there will be no unnecessary interruptions to your business flow. 

Things to expect during a PoopyPlumbers service call:

  • Fast and friendly service, available 24/7
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Upfront fees
  • No overtime fees
  • Repairs completed in a single visit
  • Guarantees on parts and workmanship
  • Thorough system-wide plumbing checkups
  • HydroScrub Drain Cleaning

HydroScrub Drain Cleaning- What is It?

HydroScrub is a handy sewer and drain cleaning tool that uses water volume and pressure to clear pipes of debris and clogs. The industry standard for efficient commercial sewer and drain cleaning, it is far superior to the traditional pipe snaking method. The process requires less time than pipe snaking too and is effective at restoring the “like new” condition of your old pipes’ interiors. It is also effective at removing oil, grease and mineral buildup and is a handy tool for keeping your system running efficiently.

How Does it Work?

HydroScrub is made up of several components including a high-pressure hose, large water tank, high-strength nozzles, and a piece of equipment that pressurizes and controls the water flow. Through an opening in the plumbing, the nozzle is inserted and water is pumped into the system starting downstream and working upstream to get rid of any debris that is preventing the system from functioning optimally.

Drain Care

At PoopyPlumbers, special-purpose tools and products are used for sanitizing, cleaning, and drain maintenance to meet specific industry standards. Our drain care services are useful at preventing blockages from food particles, hair clogs, coffee grounds and other buildups. PoopyPlumbers services also ensure grease traps, drain lines, septic tanks, and pump stations are flowing properly at all times. It doesn’t matter if you have a vintage or the latest drain and plumbing system. We have the experience and the expertise to keep them in odor free, sanitized, and in top shape.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

At PoopyPlumbers, we try to use environmentally-friendly products whenever possible. We use enzymatic cleansers that contain plant-derived bacterial cultures and enzymes that break down fats, oil, grease and hair protein but are deadly to odor-causing scum and bacteria that may be lining your pipes.

Auto-Injection Techniques

When programmed, an auto-injection system can inject naturally vegetative and live bacteria into the drain line and the grease trap. Once they reach the trap, these organisms will start consuming oil, grease, fat, hair, and other organic matter that are clogging up your drains. The system does not use any harsh chemical or doesn’t even require any premixing or waiting time too. The type of preventative maintenance for grease traps is easy and simple and one that can be conveniently forgotten too as it will still do what it is intended to do.

Restroom Odor Control and Disinfection

PoopyPlumbers also solve common sanitation problems in restrooms including:


  • Sink traps and floor drains emitting noxious smells
  • Lingering plumbing odors in toilets
  • Waste bins, garbage receptacles and trash cans giving off unpleasant and unhealthy odors
  • Mineral buildups and uric crystals in drain lines and urinals causing plumbing blockage and damage and foul smells
  • Unprofessional or neglected maintenance reflecting disappointing customer care standards and poor hygiene
  • Odorous material buildup causing costly backups, clogs, and breakdowns to the plumbing system