Commercial_Plumbing Replacement & Installations

Plumbing Replacement & Installations

North America’s Most Trusted Commercial Plumbing Experts are Just a Call Away

If you’re looking to replace your old plumbing fixtures replaced or have a new one installed at your business premises, PoopyPlumbers is always ready to help. We have worked with all major plumbing equipment brands and we have a firm grasp of the needs of your specific industry whether you run a shopping mall, a hospital, a food processing plant, a hotel, or any other business.


Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and bonded and can configure and install your new plumbing equipment to ensure that it will seamlessly work with your existing system. We work fast and make sure that all plumbing installations are accurately done the first time. Your convenience is important to us so expect that we will always accomplish what needs doing with little to no disruption in your business operation. 

Restroom Toilets and Faucets

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, interruptions to your plumbing system are just not tolerable. Restrooms need to be working all the time for you and your customers’ convenience. PoopyPlumbers can supply you with the right toilets and faucets needed for your plumbing system and will get them installed with minimal disruptions to your operations. We will have the fixture working in no time.


Our plumbing experts can work with whatever existing facilities you have, upgrade your system, or have a new restroom installed. We will help you pick out the right style and type of faucet and toilet fixtures too to ensure that your public restrooms or business bathrooms will meet customer expectations.


Whether you have a one-person bathroom facility or a large unit with several stalls and sinks, PoopyPlumbers ex experienced to get the installation done smoothly.

Grease Traps

Inadequate grease traps can be a headache. When they are too small or there is too few of them, you are likely to deal with not just a plumbing concern, but most likely a health department one as well. Grease traps of the right size are great at helping you save money over time. They are, after all, able to prevent slow drains, noxious odors, excessive plumbing maintenance, septic tank issues, repairs, plumbing maintenance and wastewater contamination in your facilities. Most importantly, they help you avoid business interruptions.

Kitchen Faucets

At PoopyPlumbers, we understand that the needs of caterers and professional restaurants are different from that of an office building or a hospital. If you have to work with commercial-grade pots, pans, cooking utensils, mixer components and the like, your faucets should allow you enough room to move about. You’ll need the faucet handles that can be turned on or off even when your hands are full, gloved, or slick. The finishes would also have to be conducive for easy cleanup.


Faucets for commercial kitchens may need to have a specific visual style, whether streamlined, modern, classically elegant, or high tech. This is even more important of the kitchen area is visible to the rest of the public. You may need a specific finish that will maintain a professional and clean look and one that won’t show fingerprints.


In a food processing plant or industrial kitchen, faucets and handles that are larger and heavy-duty may be needed. A plumber that will know your needs and how these are met is crucial to ensure that your business gets outfitted with the right fixtures while staying within budget.

Floor Drains

When floor drains aren’t working efficiently, PoopyPlumbers can repair, maintain and install all drain types such as:

  • Secure sanitary drains
  • Catch basins
  • Specific-area drains
  • Floor sinks
  • Trench drains
  • Drains for sumps
  • Double containment drains

We Value Your Time

Our installations, repairs, and maintenance are planned around your schedule to ensure that there will be minimal to no interruptions to your business operations. We will arrange for the installation when you are closed or at a specific time that you have picked out yourself. New floor drains can improve your business efficiency, prevent downtimes due to blockage and other plumbing concerns, as well as ensure that you will meet all health department standards.


Make PoopyPlumbers your plumber of choice when you need an upgrade or a new commercial plumbing system. We service clients across all industries with solutions that are personalized and focused to meet your specific business needs.

Floor Drain Solutions Specific for Your Industry

We install drains specified to function most effectively in your type of industry. PoopyPlumbers install drains of exceptional performance in employee, customer, or public restrooms, school locker rooms, gym showers, as well as drains that protect commercial kitchens, hospitality businesses and food services against overflows. For areas where high traffic is expected such as hospitals, manufacturing businesses, parking garages, industrial warehouses, and parking lots, we recommend the installation of a corresponding high traffic floor drain.   

  • Sanitary drain Systems- Sanitary drains that are secured is the perfect plumbing solution for bars, restaurants, chemical plants, commercial food preparation businesses, hospitals, and other similar setups. These drains can resist bacteria buildup and resist corrosion, which is ideal for preventing contamination.
  • Trench Drains- Retailers like convenience stores, gas stations, or amusement parks that sell beverage and food will need catch basins and trench drains to protect the premises from overflows. Floors sinks are an alternative, with gratings of different weights covering it depending on the amount of traffic in the area.
  • Sump Drains- These drains are usually needed in food processing areas, meatpacking plants, and industrial kitchens. If the area is exposed to extreme temperatures, a floor drain with double containment may be more ideal especially along with catch basins and trenches. 

Every commercial plumbing service PoopyPlumbers provide will include:

  • Fast and friendly service, available 24/7
  • Set appointment times and timely arrivals
  • No overtime fees
  • Flat rates and upfront pricing
  • Plumbing issues fixed on the first visit
  • Complete plumbing inspection
  • Guarantees on work and parts