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Gas Line Repairs

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Here at PoopyPlumbers, our expert plumbers are more than happy to handle every kind of plumbing related repairs, projects, and projects. We are proud of our extensive experience and the reputation we have built for providing excellent customer service. When you call us, we see to it that all of your options are properly explained. The price estimates we provide are also meant to help you make an informed decision that is beneficial for your business where gas line repairs go.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning– Extremely dangerous, carbon monoxide can result from the use of natural gas. Invisible and odorless, most people are unable to detect its presence. This is why your business space needs to have detectors for carbon minimized to avoid accidental exposure to the gas. Our plumbers offer carbon monoxide servicing and we can install detector too.  
  • Gas line leaks– Gas pipes aren’t immune to leaks. Exposure to the gas, however, can make you sick. There are even cases when explosions can occur as a result. This is why being aware of the possibilities is necessary. It is never advisable to start any outdoor construction project where digging is involved without first determining the gas line location. If you suspect that there is gas leak in your premises, make sure not to use your cellphone and wait until you are outside to make a call. Al the gas valves must be shut off, do not light any cigarette, and all of your app-appliances must be turned off. Get all your customers and employees out and evacuate the premises. Only when you are already a safe distance away should you call 911 and your utility providers. Natural gas usually has a potent smell of rotten eggs added to it so people can tell if there is a leak. Of you smell anything resembling rotten eggs, no matter how faint, make sure to follow the above steps.